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Jak správně vybrat respirátor

Jak správně vybrat respirátor

Čistota a kvalita ovzduší má značný vliv na naše zdraví a na zdraví našich dýchacích cest. Smog, výfukové plyny a jiné oxidy, které člověk svou činností vypouští do ovzduší, mohou mít negativní vliv na přírodu a lidský organismus. Téměř jednu třetinu času trávíme v zaměstnání. Různá povolání přináší různá rizika, kterým můžeme předcházet vhodně zvoleným oděvem, pracovní či bezpečnostní obuví nebo osobními ochrannými pracovními prostředky (OOPP). Pokud pracujeme v prašném prostředí, nebo v prostředí, ve kterém hrozí vdechnutí bakterií, virů, mikroorganismů a toxických či jinak nebezpečných látek je zvýšeno riziko onemocnění dýchacích cest. Měli bychom správně chránit svoje dýchací ústrojí. Podle toho, jaká koncentrace škodlivých látek je v ovzduší vybíráme mezi respirátory, polomaskami nebo celoobličejovými maskami:


Respirátor je filtrační polomaska určená pro jednorázové nebo opakované použití. Obecně platí, že se používá jednorázově a pouze proti částicím.


Polomaska se používá opakovaně a lze použít jak filtry proti částicím, tak i proti plynům nebo i kombinovaně do vyšších násobků nejvyšší přípustné koncentrace látek v ovzduší (NPK/PEL). Celoobličejová maska se obecně používá v prostředí, kde jsou plynem ohroženy i oči a kde je nutné použít filtry s větším násobkem NPK/PEL a s větší kapacitou Polomasky a masky jsou navíc velmi variabilní tím, že můžeme filtry kdykoliv vyměnit dle potřeby. Použití vhodného OOPP lze doporučit pouze při znalosti prostředí, ve kterém bude používán (koncentrace škodlivých látek, atd.)


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27.02.2020 11:03
který účinný respirátor proti koronaviru byste doporučili? Děkuji. Soňa Palečková, firma Echo Inzert
15.08.2022 10:09
Are you planning to move to a brand-new state or even across the state? If so, you may need to have your car shipped rather than drive it your own self. Currently, there are two car delivery options available - open as well as closed. Below we provide data to help you choose auto shipping method is best regarding finances and your vehicle.

What exactly are the Main Dissimilarities Involving Open and Enclosed Auto Shipping and delivery?

Both open and enveloped vehicle shipping is accomplished by transferring your vehicle by truck.

Using wide open transport, your car is actually usually shipped on the long, two-level trailer. (You’ve most likely seen all these trailers loaded with motor vehicles on the highway. ) Open carry agrees with any type of vehicle and is the best choice in order to ship a standard type or a automobile.

With encapsulated transport, your vehicle is usually delivered in a fully enclosed trailers. This offers a higher level of defense and protection intended for your vehicle. Enclosed transport is often the chosen transport technique for owners who wish for you to move a brand new car, an antique, a collectible, or perhaps an pricey vehicle.

Pros and Cons involving Open Car Shipping

Pros: Delivery by means of open transport is speedier along with cheaper than enclosed transport. Additionally , there are more open-air carriers on the road. This will likely make it easier to book a desired shipping and delivery and arrival time.

Delivery by means of open carrier is considerably more affordable. Eight to 10 autos can be jam-packed onto some sort of two-tier trailer in addition to shipped with one time, which saves a person income. Plus, an open-air truck is really lighter than an encased trailer, creating cheaper fuel costs.

Cons: Typically the open transport trailer home is open-air which means your own vehicle is exposed to the elements. Your car also receives minimum amount safeguard against road debris during carry. Additionally, your car may get there dirty such as need of the wash since vehicles shipped within an open container are not independently covered.

Important Tip: Require some sort of “top load” for get started service providers. This means your car will be packed on the higher deck of a two-tier carrier. This protects your car through flying road debris and probable leakage from vehicles that would likely generally be above.

Pros in addition to Cons of Enclosed Car Shipping and delivery

Pros: Your vehicle is probably delivered in an enclosed trailer meaning it is protected from the particular weather along with road debris. Enclosed carriers also provide a higher levels of vehicle security and security. Drivers of enclosed providers usually are more experienced in the health care regarding high-end vehicles.

Some businesses give a white glove transport selection making use of enclosed shipping. With often the white handwear cover option, the operater gives full attention to your own vehicle to provide you along with the highest degree of00 transparency along with customer care during the transfer process. White glove car aid includes things like: Constant connection and in addition updates, Greater insurance safeguard, Single-car trailer.

Cons: With an enclosed vendor, fewer cars can easily be moved simultaneously which can make an enclosed carrier more high priced compared to open carrier. There is definitely also less features a to the driver to conduct timetable inspections regarding your vehicle during morceau. Enclosed carriers are heavier therefore they will are less fuel-efficient. This potential buyers to an increase in fuel costs. All round, enclosed auto shipping is far more costly than the open-air alternate.

Types of Open-air Carriers Could to Choose From

The several main types of readily available automobile shipping carriers are:

Two-level, multi-car carrier: This is the the majority of popular conclusion.
Single-level, multi-car jar: This type of container is definitely often used for moving activities or even luxury autos, or with regard to fast deliveries.
Dully truck with a single-level tow trailer: This transport variety is often utilized for short-distance or territorial sheduled delivery.

Types of Enclosed Carriers from which to choose

As far as carrier design, soft-sided and also hard-sided trailers are generally available with enclosed car shipping and delivery. Enclosed trailer possibilities include multi-car trailers, two-car trailers, and one-car trailers.

Multi-car surrounded trailers may hold up to seven cars and trucks. This is usually the the majority of inexpensive choice if you are considering a great enclosed trailer.
Two- or maybe one-car trailers are understandably more pricey. These people are often used for high-dollar, antique, or rare vehicles, or maybe for communicate deliveries.

What Affects the Cost of Shipment a new Car?

The method of shipment (open or enclosed) greatly has effects on your own personal final price when this comes to shipping your vehicle. Other factors include your vehicle’s help make and model and the yardage it’s being shipped. In standard, your staying shipping cost is actually calculated while using following:

Distance: Often the shipping long-distance affects the transport price. Even though it costs less per mile the actual longer the long distance, a vehicle shipped an instant yardage still incurs fuel fees. This kind of means a car shipped a new short good way can cost merely as much to move as a vehicle shipped cross-country.

Place (starting in addition to arrival destinations): In case you live in typically the countryside area, shipping your car is often a complicated or challenging process to your company or driver. A confined array of auto carriers are ready to travel to the particular universal remote area to pick-up and offer a single vehicle. This can easily propose longer wait times to get acquire and delivery, plus the higher cost.

Car make and also model: Smaller, lighter cars tend to be easier and cheaper to ship when compared with larger, heavier ones. Your auto will likely be weighed prior to shipping and delivery.

Vehicle Problem: Is your automobile in good doing work order? In the event that your vehicle is inoperable, a truck or forklift might be expected to winch the vehicle for you to the truck. This adds in order to the shipping cost.

Kind of transport: As noted earlier, start auto shipping is generally less high priced when held up against enclosed transport.

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29.08.2022 0:43
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